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Bringing you easy-to-install, energy-saving insulation products to help you to cut your fuel bills and give you a warm and cosy home.

By installing insulation in your home, you can enjoy a warmer home and lower energy bills. Installing loft insulation is one of the most cost-effective insulation measures, with instant results – and it’s the insulation measure with the quickest pay-back and fastest return on investment.

The experts recommend having at least 270mm (ten inches) of loft insulation, and The Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could save up to £150 a year if you install 270mm in an uninsulated loft. It’s worth checking how much insulation is currently in your loft, as topping up from 100mm (four inches) to 270mm could save you around £15 a year and make your home warmer.

Here at The Insulation DIY Store, we have tried to make life easy for you for when you decide to tackle that essential DIY insulation work. All our products are user-friendly, even for the most reluctant DIY-er. It’s never been easier to tackle those rising fuel bills.

Our SuperLoft Blanket is made from high quality glass wool thermal insulation which is completely enclosed in polythene for a pleasant-to-handle product. The rolls are compression-packed into easy-to-handle lightweight packs, making it a simple job to lift into your loft.

Our Insulated Loft Decking offer an all-in-one insulation and loft storage solution.

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